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Sparking an interest in financial literacy and entrepreneurship that burns bright into the future creating a debt-free generation of entrepreneurs.

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Generational Wealth

Triumphs and Tribulations

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Current and Upcoming Events

Sankofa Homeschool

Piggy Bank Pioneers

Feb 2-Apr 13 @ 4:00PM Ages 4-7

Sankofa Homeschool

Mini Money Managers

Feb 3-Apr 28 @ 4:00PM Ages 8-12

Sankofa Homeschool

Economically Empowered Teens

Feb 4-Apr 28 @ 4:00PM Ages 13-17

Biotech Geniuses

Mini Money Managers

April 10-June 5 @ 1:00PM Ages 8-13

Takoma Park Teen Money Management

April 11-May 16 @ 6:00PM

Urban Ministries

Adult Wealth Development

April 4-April 25 @ 4:00PM

Park and Planning-Brandywine

Financial Literacy Fair

May 21, 2022

1:00PM - 4:00PM

District Heights Youth Financial Literacy Classes

April 20-May 18


Financial Literacy-Cradle to Career Classes

SARC-Brandywine Parks and Rec

Registration open soon


We are available for school and community fundraisers and workshops!!!

Our Workshop Consists Of:

  • Making Money Matter

  • Fun and Financial Planning

  • Get Going with Goals

  • The Company you Keep

  • Conquering your Credit Score

  • More


Piggy Bank Pioneers


Piggy Bank Pioneers

Ages 4-7

Our pioneers will have fun learning financial concepts through interactive games and activities focused on saving, needs vs wants, and much more. Let's create a love for saving in our piggy bank pioneers.


Meet Champion


Mini Money Managers


Mini Money Managers

Ages 8-12

Most adults wish they knew more about money as a child. If you wish you knew more about credit, budgeting or investing your young person should join the MINI MONEY MANAGERS!!!


Mini Money Managers pitch businesses and ideas


Economically Empowered Teens


Economically Empowered Teen